he story of Dejade can be traced back to 1971 when our founder’s father cut his first stone. The symbolism and mythology of jade fascinated him and fuelled his dedication to becoming a master craftsman. Over time he learnt about the intricacies of cutting jade and selecting rough jade directly from the source in Myanmar, where the world’s finest jade comes from. The value of jade is very difficult to ascertain and therefore its selection requires tremendous expertise acquired over a lifetime of experience. From his business on Canton Road’s renowned “Jade Street” he refined his skills for over 50 years, supplying jade to buyers all over the world.

"When the inherent uniqueness of a jade piece is matched with bespoke contemporary design, a true masterpiece is created"

ur founder, Michael Lo, grew up in and around his father’s shop - this environment was influential, as he observed the highly skilled craft of jade cutting. The sense of mystery he felt on numerous trips to Myanmar to source rough jade inspired him to foster knowledge and expertise in the art of selecting only the finest pieces. With every stone selected, his father had a distinct vision in mind for what it would become. It was with this vision, passed down from father-to-son, that Dejade was born, bringing a refreshing modern take on classical designs. Dejade is rooted in family tradition and has grown from this rich history, building upon traditional values to create timeless modern pieces that will last lifetimes.

“The ability to select and then craft a stone to reveal its inner-beauty and potential is a true art form”

Micheal Lo, Co-Founder & Director