We live by the ideal that perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to be added, but when there is nothing left to be taken away.
ejade has crafted a reputation for remarkable stones and service through its artful and seasoned selections of beautiful jewels, enduringly elegant designs, and masterful craftsmanship. Each beautiful piece is exclusively crafted by Dejade’s in-house team of professionals– from the acquisitions of the stones, to the envisioning of the exquisite designs, and finally the creation of the finished jewellery – ensuring a personal and polished touch at every step.

Every Dejade creation is a refined work of art, delicately envisioned by the company’s in-house design team, who maintain extensive records and archives of their unique creations. Timelessly elegant designs reveal and enhance the natural beauty of each stone, inviting it to sparkle at its greatest potential. Contemporary yet classic, every fine jewellery piece characterizes Dejade’s distinctive style and craftsmanship.

Dejade’s creative visions come to life under the skilled hands of the company’s master craftsmen, who use traditional and modern tools to create exquisite jewellery pieces with outstanding precision and skill. Unlocking a stone’s greatest potential while remaining true to its nature is a delicate art that Dejade has refined over decades of expertise in its exclusive workshop.